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03 April 2008 @ 01:05 pm
BONUS: I've done a lot of fucked up shit in my life...
Pranks of the annoying variety

During my high-school years I've been somewhat of a rascal. Doing all kinds of crazy things for no reason. Supergluing dollars to the floor, putting picnic tables atop jungle-gyms etc.

Project 'XmasTree'
One of the more infamous things I've done, repeatedly, over the years (and have never been caught for) is modifying a dollar-store alarm clock to beep non-stop, and place them strategically around the school.

This was project codename 'XmasTree'. We chose this name because when my partner-in-crime and I would say to eachother "Where should we plant an xmas tree?" Noone would catch on.

Each device costs a dollar to make. You have to go to the dollar store and buy an alarm clock of any style. Sometimes they have them on display with batteries already in. Take it home and rip the black box off the faceplate to make it smaller. Pry it open and remove all the gears, leaving only the battery, the circuit, and the buzzer. Turn the one remaining gear (its hard to remove, so leave it there) until the unit begins to beep. Then place a small plastic tab to space the battery, to turn off the beeping. Put the cover back on, and cover it in tape or glue (leaving the hole for the buzzer open, and the plastic tab visible).

Now find a really funny location, pull the tab, and walk away. It will beep non stop, until it's found. Or until the battery dies, which could be a matter of days. We used to dump them into locker doors, via a broken handle. They would fall deep inside the locker door, making them impossible to reach without removing the door and shaking it out.

We would place them during lunch, when noone was around. One time I made the mistake of placing outside the classroom which I was to attend only minutes later. As the class gathered, I could barely contain my hysterical giggling as student after student complained about the beeping and made threats towards whoever may have done it. Good times. We may have left approximately fourty or so 'xmastrees' during the course of one year.

Todo: add picture explaining xmastree construction

The Picnic Table

After leaving school one day, my partner-in-crime and I were at a park in North Sydney (Nova Scotia). We came across a picnic table that was (unlike the others) not bolted to the ground. Making sure nobody was around, we hoisted it up and placed it atop of the nearest jungle gym. It took about twenty minutes, but the thing was stuck tight. We really forced it into a tight spot. Then we (unsuccessfully) tried to sit at it for a good photo.

"Brindo" Bombs

The following is illegal and very dangerous. I do not promote this sort of activity and I certainly don't do this myself any more.

My friend and I found a local store (the dollarama) that sold fireworks to anyone age 18 or higher. So, obviously this became our source of fun for quite a period of time. We soon began harvesting the fireworks for making small bombs, and we soon found ourselves skipping school to go blow shit up. Our favorite firework was the Air Bomb. Virtually any kind that shoots straight up and explodes very loudly will work.

All you have to do is rip out the fuse, and take the firework apart. Inside is a core made of cardboard, roughly the size of a C-cell battery. There will be some black glue on one end, and some white cork on the other. Tape the fuse to the black part of the core, then wrap very tightly in duct tape, leaving the fuse mostly exposed.



Now we had our tool for destruction. We blew up bottles, jars, pipes, trees, a hat, a laptop, a defunct digital camera, and several other unlucky objects around the neighborhood. They are powerful, illegal, dangerous, and potentially deadly. Do NOT do this unless you are a qualified explosives expert, or if it's legal in your area.

More coming soon
(Anonymous) on May 25th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Dude! you rock!