Thats right, idiots. I'm moving all my crap to my own place. I'm currently building up, so expect stuff to start disappearing here, and appearing there.

Not that I have anything against livejournal (i actually love livejournal) but I want to expand beyond LJ's ability to provide. Without getting charged for it. So sad.

I will likely leave this stuff up, because of various links from that I don't want to break.

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BONUS - Why I don't have many pictures

Simple answer - I don't own a decent camera.

I do own three vga webcams, a vga cellphone cam, and two camcorders, but these prove to be a pain in the ass (as well as low low quality) for taking pictures with.

I've ordered a new Zire 72 anyway, so when it arrives (hopefully friday) I'll be able to take some higher-resolution pictures much more quickly than before. Then I will update my previous blogs with new photos explaining everything I've done to date, in more detail.

My Zire 72 has arrived and is in tip-top shape. Thanks to ebay seller asia_techdirect for the awesome deal! Over the next while you'll see pictures popping into various entries.

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BONUS: I've done a lot of fucked up shit in my life...
Pranks of the annoying variety

During my high-school years I've been somewhat of a rascal. Doing all kinds of crazy things for no reason. Supergluing dollars to the floor, putting picnic tables atop jungle-gyms etc.

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More coming soon

Prank 911 and not get caught

How to accomplish this:

Single-phone-multiple-attack method:
1) Acquire an old cellphone and remove the SIM card if it uses one.
2) Attach it to a computer with appropriate cables
3) Perform a Restore Factory Default
4) Change every code you can find (IMEI, Serial, etc)
5) Dial 911 at will. It will work because all phones are required to be able to dial 911 whether its registered or not

-On some non-flip nokia phones, such as the 3595, you can lock the keys (Menu *) and then type 0 8 DIAL to call 911 without unlocking the buttons.

-Older analog phones still work on many networks, and you can often change their serials on-phone.